Your Original

Custom design

Custom design doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. You can have your dream house without a squillion-dollar budget!

Sit down with our building and design experts to mix and match their funky floor plans, pick their brains about style, and brazenly pinch their ideas about features, fixtures and finishing touches. Think of it as custom design made easy. And more affordable.

Do you want to start from scratch – and we mean from scratch – a blank piece of paper? No limits. Then we love that, too.

We build what we design and that means we know exactly what things cost – right down to the last tap and tile – so rest assured we’ll always have your budget in mind. No nasty budget blowouts here. We work with fixed price contracts so we all know where we stand.

And when it comes to building efficiently and cost-effectively, we’ve got that covered as well. No needless costs. No fuss or flounces just to bump the price up. Just amazing homes that give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

So, what needs to happen first? How do we start making Your Original a reality?

First we need to conduct a feature contour survey of your block. This will give us important information about your site and enable us to put together a realistic quote covering site costs and construction estimates.

Then the design process can start in earnest.

Whether you’re tracking towards a full custom design or have fallen hook line and sinker for one of our existing plans, there’s no shortage of inspiration, from the Modernist Palm Springs inspired Santa Monica to the bold topsy-turvy layout of the retro-inspired Empire.

Explore. Dream. Design. Get ready to Live With Attitude.