So you’ve seen our homes and like them but you have some very definite ideas about what you want in your home. Perhaps you want the core ideas of one of our homes or maybe you want to start from scratch and use our construction ability and design knowledge to achieve the perfect custom home – your own Residential Attitudes Original.

Because we build what we design – unlike an architect or design service – we known what it costs and we can design to a budget and a brief. All too often people approach us with a set of drawings to price only to find that it has not been designed to a price or that it ignores construction efficiencies, adding additional costs and difficulties. We then have to start all over again and any money previously spent is wasted.

Unlike using an architect or designer, whatever money you spend with Residential Attitudes to achieve your own Residential Attitudes Original comes off the price of your custom home.

There are some prerequisites to enable us to do the best we can possibly do. First we need to have you agree for us to arrange for a contour or feature survey of the location of your future home and an engineer’s soil report. This enables us to do a feasibility study that incorporates site costs, estimates and design fee.

We then arrange for you to meet with our Designer to obtain a more absolute sense of your objectives. We will then come back to you with our initial interpretation of what we understand you want and then amend our drawings until we have achieved your custom design. This is then costed and we then proceed to full working drawings and contractual documentation.

Alternative Expressions in Housing

As well as showing you an amazing range of home designs, Residential Attitudes can create you a home using the very same principles and attitude to design that has won them acclaim and awards from their housing industry peers. An architectural approach way below the cost of an architectural service. If you’re considering spending between $306,000 and $700,000 talk to us.