Our Designs

When it comes to our home designs, our philosophy is simple. We believe in quality of space over quantity of space. Less really is more. After all, who wants to cram rooms into their new home just for the sake of it? Rooms that may be rarely used? Living With Attitude reminds us of the beauty to be found in keeping things simple. It’s about knowing what you want and why you want it.

Our home designs invite you to rediscover the lost art of innovation, working with us to design spaces that are social, engaging and interactive. You don’t want a bedroom, you want a boudoir. You don’t need a courtyard, you need a yoga studio, a conversation pit, an alfresco dance floor. You want a roof terrace for those balmy nights under the stars.

Conforming is the easy option, so forget same-same and look for the quirky, the joyous and the simple-yet stunning.

Choose your starting point from our range of single storey and double storey home designs that draw inspiration from places as diverse as Palm Springs and the streets of Paris, to the warehouse apartments of New York and the beach houses of the Caribbean. Or work hand in hand with us to create your own Residential Attitudes.

Our floor plans are never boring. Mix them up. Change them about. Have fun with them! Find what feels great, rather than simply what’s expected. Make a statement inside and out with brick, steel , timber, cladding and concrete.

Whether you’re building on a standard block, a skinny block, a small block or a battle-axe block, let’s bring the family together again. Let’s invite the neighbours in. Let’s bring back the energy, the passion and the party.

Let’s #livewithattitude