Display homes

The proof is in the pudding as they say, which is why, from time to time, we’ll throw open the doors to one of our homes and invite you in. We’re proud to say every Residential Attitudes display is different to anything you’ll see when you visit other display homes in Perth. Very different. And thats the way we like it. After all, other display homes in Perth haven’t been designed and built by our team of maverick designers; designers who push the envelope without breaking the bank.

Each one of our past displays created a buzz. People talked. People liked what they saw and they wanted more.

From topsy-turvy two-storeys, to sustainable award-winners, our showcase homes have provided inspiration, ideas and a whole new viewpoint for homebuyers across Perth. If you missed the homes when they were open, you can still check out the floor plans and photographs in our past display showcase. Whether it’s edgy industrial, or sassy and modern, these homes show how to do big bold spaces perfect for everyday living.

Big lots, small lots, narrow lots and awkward lots. The Residential Attitudes team has conquered them all.