Welcome to our growing archive of videos that are intended to help you understand the inspiration behind our homes and the story behind the Residential Attitudes brand. We will take you through the details of our designs and what sets us apart from other home builders. Basically, where do our crazy ideas come from and what makes us unique.

So grab the popcorn, sit back, relax and welcome to the world of Residential Attitudes, an alternative attitude towards housing.

Live with Attitude

We look around and all we can see is the same old same old. Homes that conform to design principles with little idea or question as to why they are there. Four bedrooms. Tick. Two bathrooms. Tick. Free form living. Tick. Home theatre. Tick. Is this how people are living?


The Empire struck back at two-storey stereotypes when it opened its doors in 2012 to a home-buying audience eager for different. With its unconventional upside-down layout and ‘floating’ design elements, you felt you were living up in the treetops, high above street level.

On The Couch: Residential Attitudes Philosophy

Forget predictable standard-issue floor plans and think thought provoking designs that put the focus on lifestyle and living with purpose. Launched in 2003, Residential Attitudes have defined a new attitude to building; an alternative expression in housing.

On the Couch: The beginning of RA

The creation of the Residential Attitudes brand began in 2003 when the demand for lifestyle homes to suit a suburban location increased. People wanted a home that would enhance their way of living and from this a new innovation of housing began that saw the development of unique homes.

Virtual Reality

The Residential Attitudes virtual reality experience has arrived and is the very first of its kind in Western Australia. We are constantly innovating, trying new and exciting concepts and challenging industry expectations.

On The Couch: The RA Difference

It’s our design ethos that has attracted many people wanting to design and build a home with Residential Attitudes. We are different to everyone else and we are proud of it. We believe in out of the box thinking and as a result we build standout homes that take full advantage of their location.

On the Couch: Why do we love RA

People often assume that to have the best home they need to spend lots in order to get it. You don’t need to have the ‘best’ of everything; in fact, some of our top homes are actually really quite simple. We build to suit your lifestyle and your budget.

On the Couch: Liveable spaces redefined

Residential Attitudes takes the space of unused rooms and incorporates it into others to enhance your day-to-day living. Our designs contain rooms that are adaptable to change and provide a good relationship with the inside and outside of your home.

On the Couch: Discovering the unknown

Imagine relaxing on a summers evening in your lounge chairs, beer in hand and the barbecue cooking your steak whilst gazing across the landscape. Residential Attitudes is committed to discovering different social spaces to enhance your way of living.

On the Couch: Creativity in small spaces

We threw away the rulebook and with clever use of space being our key principle in mind, we essentially developed more usable homes that embraced their surrounding climate.

On the Couch: A Combination of Form & Function

The fact we don’t have display homes encourages clients to come into the office, sit down with a coffee and discuss what it is they want. Each home we build is unique in form and function, to suit our client’s needs and lifestyle.

On the Couch: Creating defined spaces

Residential Attitudes is committed to discovering different social spaces to enhance your way of living. Have a small block? Why not have a rooftop terrace to encourage outdoor interaction and make the most of your location.